Vision & Values

Kaleido -
We believe in promoting logistic services always pioneer, brave and committed, able to add value by offering unique solutions.
  • If you can dream it,
    you can do it

    We want to be different, we want to discover new insights, we want to provide original and innovative solutions.
  • We promote knowledge,
    we cultivate talent

    Knowledge guides us. Experience teaches us. Effort makes us stronger. These three pillars mark our future, solid and sustainable. A future built through the work, motivation and talent of a human team, committed to a shared spirit and common vision.
  • The world is for the brave

    We like challenges. We are driven by the ambition to excel. We see the unknown as a new path that is opening before us. We work to inspire the future from an optimistic and positive approach.
  • Together, more and better

    Hearing more, sharing more, giving more. Because active listening involves putting yourself in someone else's shoes. Because sharing concerns makes us work with proximity and flexibility. Because we know that, only by working more than expected, we can go further, faster and better.



Juan Martínez, Vasco Gallega de Consignaciones (VGC) founder, was an entrepreneur in every sense of the word: In 1976, he started a small business, establishing a ship agency in the port of Vigo. In the course of the late 1970s, he took a personal interest in the export logistics of local granite quarries. VGC saw its biggest growth over the following decades mainly due to the explosion of granite exports. That was the beginning of a new company, specialized in providing end-to-end integral logistics solutions to the local mining industry. VGC naturally became a global leader in granite and natural stone logistics. 

As the millennium approached, VGC turned its thoughts to the future, extending the company’s services to other natural resources materials such as timber or steel and non-iron products, as well as to the naval industry. During the first decade of the 2000s, we broadened our horizons to industrial projects and wind power integral logistics. In 2007-08 Red Ball Logistics (container freight forwarding), VGL and Green Ball (supply chain management and added value services) were established.

During the late 2000s, the opening of new subsidiaries in India, Brazil, China and Angola marked Vasco Gallega Group´s (VGG) overseas expansion, as VGG continued to introduce new logistics solutions and state-of-the-art products. In the fall of 2013, VGG was rebranded KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics. As a new, unified global brand, KALEIDO has become (and perhaps always has been) a company that embodies logistics in all its forms.

Today, we have a network of over 50 agencies and we have joined forces with over 450 specialists worldwide. We are investing for the future to ensure corporate sustainability: in global reach, in technologies, in IT, in people, in brands, in R&D. With major long-term projects still to be unveiled, Kaleido has a lot of logistics in the proverbial supply chain.

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People & Careers

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By joining the world of KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics means becoming a part of our history marked by challenges that have often seemed unachievable. Here, you can expect to make a mark on some of the most technically and commercially challenging projects within the logistics industry. By working effectively in teams across functions and continents, you’ll gain knowledge about integral logistics from some the most talented specialists in our field. Likewise, we’ll wellcome your ideas and insights and treat you with honesty, respect and consideration. We’ll value your skills and expertise and, most importantly, you’ll be able to translate them into operational activity. We are looking for open-minded, curious and creative team players. Dedicated people who want to make a difference. Customer oriented professionals determined to find answers, skilled in their field and target-oriented. And if some expertise is missing, in KALEIDO we’ll provide with the requisite training to develop best practices in logistics.

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It may take us some time to review your spontaneous application. At Kaleido, we don’t rush this step. If we move on to the next stage, we’ll arrange a brief face-to-face or telephone interview. In any case, we’ll keep your CV for future reference.

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Main routes
Our strong network has been built over 40 years of international business. Today our operations stretch around the world with a strong presence in fast-growing developing markets. The center of this network is based in the European office in Vigo, Spain. We cover the major hub/gateway ports in worldwide sea, land and air logistics maps, thus providing security o f access to the major maritime traffic flows.
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Country headquarters

  • Spain
    C/ Trespaderne 7 1ºE
    28042 Madrid
    T [+34] 911 420 788
  • Portugal
    Vilanova de Cerveira
    Alto das Cereijas-Campos
    4920-011 Vilanova de Cerveira
    T [+351] 251 797 157
  • Angola
    Rua Amilcar Cabral nº25 R/C
    T [+244] 949 480 921
  • Brazil
    Avenida João Gualberto, 731 CJ. 202
    80030-000 Curitiba - Paraná
    T [+55] 41 3076 4576
    F [+55] 41 3076 4576
  • China
    Room 1802A No.699 West Nanjing Road
    200041 Shanghai
    T [+86] 21 6141 3839
  • India
    Parade View |4th Floor, No. 21, Rukhmani Lakshmipathy Salai, Opp to Rajaratnam Stadium
    600 008 Egmore, Chennai
    T [+91] 44 6688 8777
  • Morocco
    10 rue Moussa Ibnou Noussair, appartement 11, Etage 6.
    Gauthier, Casablanca
  • Mexico
    Ciudad de México, D.F.
    Avenida San José de Insurgentes, 1647 Piso 1 Int. A |San José Insurgentes, Benito Juárez
    03900 Ciudad de México, D.F.
  • South Africa
    Cape Town
    6th Floor, 119 Hertzog Boulevard |Foreshore, Cape Town 8001
    2275 Cape Town, 80000
    South Africa
    T [+27] 231002434
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KALEIDO Academy is responsible for providing learning development solutions for private companies and institutions and for supporting the advancement of logistics and technological knowledge.

Find out how we work with academic institutions and get information on our courses or ask for a tailored training.

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Ad-hoc development training

Our pipelines encompass a wide range of professional learning modules that can be merged to reflect our holistic approach to integral logistics. More specifically, KALEIDO Academy offers in-company tailored training with a focus on international trade, transportation & logistics and innovation. They are practical and dynamic modules, taught in class and at external locations such as airports, ports and warehouses.

Academic collaborations

At KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics, we are excited about making logistics better with new ideas and technologies. We give our R&D people the autonomy to develop their ideas while fully supporting them with our infrastructure, expertise and capabilities. We have made an on-going variety of individual collaborations with universities and major institutions. In the spirit of openness, these working groups complement our in-house capabilities, and vary considerably in their size and nature. At present, we look outwards to advance technological and scientific understanding in the following key areas:


- Cargo handling and lashing

- Cargo location

- On-shore and Off-shore wind global logistics improvements

Additionally, through either presenting research or attending a number of discussion forums, workshops and conferences, we meet and network with scholars, practitioners and students with an interest in logistics.


Innovation at Kaleido

With the aim of bringing forward an unique and pioneered logistics, we have evolved our R&D way of doing things, from being a departamental concept to becoming our core business, involving everyone at Kaleido. Only in this way can we identify and develop talent, ideas and the best solutions, in a efficient and agile way, in this way offeri our clients an added value to their business

Kaleido’s innovation is based on the concept of Open Innovation, focused on clients which seek a new way of building relationships.

This innovation is based on:

  1. Innovation Sales
  2. High impact innovation Projects development
  3. Development of our own Open Innovation Ecosystem

The above mentioned activities allows us to develop this strategy generating products and services from the basic idea up to it’s commercialization, solving logistic problems or shortages while increasing efficiency.

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