We are a global logistic player with a strong innovative character anywhere in the world


1. What is the reason for the new branding?

It was necessary to strengthen the Group's corporate identity, combining several of our different brands in one and ensuring that it translated our current business model, values and strategic pillars.

In addition, we wanted to create a personality and a visual language code in line to build and strengthen rapid recognition in foreign markets. In recent years we’ve experienced a fast growth and we needed a brand to accompany our development and convey our view about the future. In this sense, different companies such as VGC, VGL, Red Ball or Vasco Gallega became KALEIDO, an unique brand, global and innovative like this team and project.

2. Why the word KALEIDO?

It took many months of hard work by a team of professionals specialized in corporate branding to define the new brand identity. Based on a thorough analysis of the sector and our company, the foundations of a new identity were put together. Much importance has been given to the Group’s global dimension, which is, having a name easy to spell and pronounce in every country where we operate.

KALEIDO, from the Ancient Greek, denotes that ability to see things from different points of view. A name that translates direct and easily the ability to take different positions, to be more imaginative, creative and innovative.

3. How is the company touched by these changes?

The change consists solely on a name revision. The corporate structure, ownership, capital, the VAT numbers and the registry of each company remain untouched. The social and registry data remains the same and of course our team, which is the basis of our project together with our customers.

4. What are the advantages of this new branding?

KALEIDO opens a new horizon, a fresh, dynamic and different project. With this new brand that links a whole way of acting and living, we stand by our transparency, naturalness, creativity and bold character. This uniformity and transparency is our brand label, our guarantee of international reference. Understanding globalization as the challenge of thinking of new things.

Not only does the brand encourage the recognition of our activity in the world, but also allows us to communicate the innovation capability we have been developing for years and of which we feel especially proud: lift handling products, solutions to improve port operations, cargo tracing systems or verified tools to measure carbon footprint emissions are all worldwide leading projects that will be critical for us in the immediate future.

5. What is the meaning of innovation to KALEIDO?

The commitment to make things better. The activity and spirit of R&D is transverse to the entire company. Our concern to anticipate customer needs and create added-value logistics drive our efforts in research.

This effort is being reinforced by our LEAN philosophy, ISO and AEO standards and different special custom’s authorizations which we are entitled in different countries.

6. What are the goals for 2014?

We want to promote real added-value logistics incorporating cross-cutting projects that enhance the capabilities of KALEIDO.

We are a global logistics company capable of offering multidisciplinary and specialized services with a strong innovative character anywhere in the world, and that is something we want to continue exploiting. We are also engaged in interesting innovation and sustainability projects that help us interpret the future logistics. This is a real passionate and challenging project which we would like to develop strongly together with our clients and colleagues worldwide.

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