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  • Added value logistic services
    A major trend in the logistics industry has been the increase level in the use of added - value services. When our customers need to create ways to stand apart from the crowd, to be different from the competition, we offer them a pragmatic assessment to help identify various alternatives based on our experience, knowledge and “think-out-of-the-box” mentality.

    Logistics services that successfully add value should be able to operate profitably. KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics added - value logistic services are extras to your main business; they do not counteract your core competencies, but rather boost them. At the same time as we integrate them with our integral logistic solutions, we add more flexibility to your supply chain while reducing operating costs. There is a plethora of logistic services that can be offered using skilled and efficient teams. In our warehouses and port facilities (ie. the cost-saving and safety improvement solutions designed by our R&D staff) we have the experience and equipment to dispose proper packing or cradling designs, inspection and repacking services or innovative container washing systems.

    In KALEIDO, we help you minimize the risk throughout your entire supply chain. Based on your standards, we can perform testing and inspection: repacking, repairing or reconditioning of damaged merchandises, with marking as requested (labeling, tagging, bar coding). We organize the pre-assembly and kitting of individual parts, design and implement Kanban deliveries and a whole lot more.
  • Cargo Insurance
    At KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics, we take pride in our safety and quality control during handling operations, freight forwarding and the entire logistics supply chain managed by us, but we also acknowledge the risks inherent in the very nature of shipping. As cargo insurance is very lightly regulated in a free market (it is based in the early maritime law codes), our customers' business could lose a bundle. Risks can go as far as having to compensate part of a ship’s replacement cost, even for limited merchandises.

    As your third party logistics provider, we do not only give you the best logistic solutions, but we also help you identify and cover the risk of unforeseen events. We have joined forces with the top insurance companies and brokers to simplify the insurance placing process of your shipment. Our insurance specialists search for the best coverage at the best prices according to the value of the shipment, destination and mode of transport.  Our team is not only committed to our industrial project customers, but it also pays special attention to all of the other merchandises of great value.

    KALEIDO specialized advisors will help you carefully document each shipment to be on the safe side in case of any late dispute or claimed damages for any losses caused thereby.
  • Chartering
    KALEIDO customers may need different types of chartering services depending on their specific industry requirements. At KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics, we provide them with independent ship brokerage, no matter the cargo type. We have a very strong chartering department at our main international offices, not to mention our dedicated air chartering cell.

    Since almost 40 years now we’ve been building business relationships with all of the top world class carriers as well as shipowners, from the dry and break bulk segment to the heavy lift or the project cargoes. At KALEIDO, our in-house experts conclude fixtures for appropriate tonnage at the right price and terms, all around the world. We fix part-cargoes or full cargoes, time-charters or voyage-charters, coastal or ocean voyages, focusing on giving the best tailored logistic solution.

    Our business strength as chartering specialists is clearly accredited by our faithful customers, for whom we offer ad-hoc contracts of affreightment : consecutive voyage charters that meet their shipping requirements all around the world at the most competitive freight rates. To ensure the safety of the cargo, at KALEIDO we have sufficient working history and deep knowledge of stevedoring, ship-agency and cargo insurance with wich provide our customers with the full picture.
  • Customs agency
    KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics means a whole lot more than chartering and freight forwarding; we help our customers achieve superior business results to any international trade issue through our keen consulting approaches. Basically, we work to ensure that your shipment gets safely and on time to destination, in total compliance with existing government regulations and staying ahead of ever-changing laws. At the same time, we remain focused on keeping taxes, duties and other payments to the strict minimum, while we find the best integral logistics solutions (eg. free, bonded and other special customs regimes) to optimize your cash flow and financial IMPEX operations.

    As an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) in Europe, America and Japan among other countries, we stay committed to act in accordance with every safety and security local standard as well as offer you a wide array of added - value services (e.g. cleaning, repackaging, inspecting, labeling, kitting, etc.). All in one, KALEIDO team can help you improve the speed and quality of your business decisions sharing our insights gained from years of experience; we want to remain committed to minimizing risks and errors with local trade authorities, saving you time and money.
  • Freight forwarding
    As experts in international supply chain management we work hard to adjust the best option for your shipments from point of origin to destination. Through our network of offices across major ports and hubs we organize door-to-door shipments from and to almost every place in the world. KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics is well-known for its connections with carriers of all types, such as shipping lines and trucking companies, or rail and air freighters. The volume of our business allows us to negotiate the most competitive rates in behalf of our customers.

    At KALEIDO we undertake not only the freight forwarding, but we handle insurance and customs' documentation on a 24/7 basis. Our multilingual staff is well versed in international shipping procedures and will help you get the most of your shipment, assisting you with complex customs clearances. They will take special care of your requirements and give you advice on your international logistic approaches while providing reliable transportation reporting. Our land, air and sea freight forwarding services include door-to door international freight forwarding and cargo handling of all types (full container load – FCL - , less than container load – LCL -, etc. ). We usually combine these services with stuffing / unstuffing operations and warehousing in bonded and non-bonded areas.
  • Integral Logistics
    Logistics has become a true function that can be a source of competitive advantage, it delivers customer service and it saves costs if handled with expertise. In KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics,  we deliver the entire integral logistics chain depending on your specific requirements, whether if you’re looking for a door to door single delivery or a holistic supply chain management. We provide tailor-made logistics solutions designed to carefully plan steady deliveries, externalizing and assuming your entire warehouse management or a particular simple process, thus optimizing resources and saving costs, so that you can concentrate in your core business.

    As your third logistics party provider, you can rely on our global network of offices and our specialized team. Depending on your needs, we put at your disposal our warehouses, bonded and fiscal bonded storage areas, handling operations equipment and state-of-the-art technological logistic products and solutions. From consolidation to chartering and freight forwarding, we provide unbiased solutions and strategic advice, within strict lead-times and budgetary constraints. Tell us what your biggest logistic challenge is and our experts will provide a multitude of ways to increase efficiency and productivity and hence contribute significantly to reduce unit costs: creative solutions and added value services that will boost your business efficiency.
  • Ship agency
    In KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics, our ship agency team handles virtually every aspect of the owner’s calls worldwide. We take care of all your regular vessel requirements: supplies of fresh water/provisions, crew transfers, customs clearance, waste treatment, etc. and we assure quick and smooth port operations in coordination with the stevedores appointed.

    Our long history as ship agents makes us fully conversant with every safety, commercial and statutory regulation and requirement. We deal quickly and efficiently with the port authorities in your behalf, ensuring that your port visits are as short as possible. We offer too a drive up service and load the provisions directly onto the vessel without ever calling a port. Additionally, we have the capability to arrange afloat repairs by our well trained team in handling naval services around the clock. Indeed, KALEIDO is involved in naval industry logistics serving ship-yards and oil & gas companies all over the world.

    Our multilingual staff is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, functioning as a single window between the ship and the shore. Our agents work in association with the rest of the staff at KALEIDO headquarters, thus creating synergies from our wide range of relevant contacts.
  • Stevedoring
    Loading and unloading of vessels is one of the key activities at KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics that provides a smooth transshipment between road and sea transport logistic services across the world. It is something that requires capacity, equipment and expertise.

    KALEIDO stevedores master the techniques of lifting and stowing any type of cargo (project cargo, bulk cargo, perishable goods, containers, etc.) and of stuffing and unstuffing of containers at our port storage areas. Our dedicated crew knows how to perfectly operate heavy machinery and lash any type of merchandise, from oversized to heavy lift goods. They are well versed in the techniques of optimum utilization of KALEIDO state of the art logistics products and smart logistics solutions.

    As an integral logistic provider, our offer goes beyond port operations management. With our comprehensive suite of port services and with KALEIDO trained personnel, we can provide tailored added value services at our indoor and outdoor storage facilities, bonded and fiscal bonded storage areas, along with other shipping solutions, such as machinery or products repairing tasks. We have too the skills and equipment to dispose proper packing or cradling designs, inspection and repacking services or innovative container washing systems.
  • Warehousing
    If you’re looking for a third party logistics warehousing provider, KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics is the solution. We go beyond warehouse management and labor tasks. We do not only provide safe and clean storage for many types of commodities. Confident of success, we’re committed to customer satisfaction through added – value warehousing, from specialized custom-made logistic solutions at non covered storage areas (project cargo, natural resources and wind industry) to retail or automotive parts supply chain management in covered facilities.

    We operate a variety of warehousing centers, in the port or inland, to deliver the most efficient and lean service. You can rely on our flexibility and capacity to adapt to changing environments in terms of equipment, personnel, IT solutions, etc. Besides, you can count on our consulting on customs and insurance strategy contracting. Our whole logistic chain knowledge allows us to think together with you in stock accountability, rotation, quality inspection or outsourced steps in your behalf looking for your most efficient scheme.

    At KALEIDO we recognize that our strongest asset is our people. We continuously invest in training, creating a dedicated workforce that provides operational excellence to our customers. Our teams of supply chain professionals will consult your needs and work to increase the efficiency of your activities by integrating best practices within our operations. Basically this will help you improve your quality records, deliver value for money and, as a consequence, we will let you focus on your core business.
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