At the Forefront of the sector

Technological solutions for a global environment

With nearly 40 years linked to the logistics sector, KALEIDO, IDEAS & LOGISTICS has adapted to a competitive market in which logistics operations, not only help reduce costs, but drive companies to operate in a global environment.

In KALEIDO we conduct a strategic consulting work with our clients that sets them apart from the competition. Together we optimize their logistics operations with technological tools and innovative solutions. We have a portfolio of products adapted to the reality of the major industrial sectors, where innovation and technology meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market. Specifically, we have developed three logistics product lines:
 • Handling solutions
KALEIDO assets exceed 35 million euros. The Group has the most advanced handling systems for all types of cargo. With them, we improve both effectiveness and safety during logistics operations.

• Lashing solutions

The information is based on an efficient logistics planning, and that’s why KALEIDO has created this product line, to develop automated systems that guarantee real-time information to companies.

• Monitoring solutions

Ensure the loading conditions is one of our priorities. In KALEIDO, we develop proprietary and patented systems and products, each adapted to the characteristics of the relevant sectors.

The preservation of the environment plays an essential role on our corporate strategy. We work to optimize our processes and services, committed to improving the quality of life of the social environment of the company. Thus, within our research line Green Logistics, we have launched a calculation tool that allows the determination of the environmental implications of each project or contract logistics services for our clients.

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