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At KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics, we seek to improve the social impact of our activities, which is why we take work-life balance so seriously. Starting 2009 we have set up a variety of flexible working arrangements: flexi-time schemes, flexible work locations, part-time work, extensions of parental leaves, etc. Not only we promote equal employment opportunity, but we are eager to make career growth possible for parents and sportsmen, as we do our best to adapt to their needs whenever we can. On top of that, we strive to offer our employees the chance to develop through both formal training and non-formal mentoring.

Where possible, we support them to gain qualifications relevant to their field and we also provide language training if appropriate.

Our health promotion work involves raising awareness of well-being and occupational safety issues in the workplace. We encourage sustained behavior changes through regular prevention and awareness campaigns.

Stakeholder Dialogue

At KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics, we foster open and positive relationships with our stakeholders. We support short term investments in communities of interest where we operate, intermittent donations and sports sponsorships. We select them on the basis of their value for the local communities, compliance with business objectives and, as a common factor, consistency with our corporate values and sustainability principles.

  • Community investment

    - Small businesses development cooperation

    - Support to local food banks

  • Humanitarian aid

    In a few locations (ie. Colombia, Peru and Angola) we send and distribute emergency relief.

  • Supporting sports development

    Sports are the heartbeat of the Martínez brothers. Our marketing team has a unique approach to sponsorship where rugby becomes an extension of the ethics of KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics. Rugby itself conveys the values for which we stand and the way we conduct our business: respect, team spirit, enjoyment, sportsmanship, and discipline.


Green Logistics

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Too often in the past, logistics has been viewed as a cost-driven service. Besides, even if the idea of energy efficient, clean logistics has been around for long, it is just now that this «green» word has become the center of attention. Probably because today trendy topics are: climate change, rising energy costs, declining fuel reserves and alarms about the depletion of aquifers. The list goes on, but whatever reasons may be, GREEN LOGISTICS is a concept whose time has come. GREEN LOGISTICS is all a matter of focus on a\reducing energy use and b\improving the supply chain management system. And, as it is driven by efficiency, there is no compromise with financial results or with social responsibility. For us, GREEN LOGISTICS is a responsibility in regards of the society and an opportunity to develop the LEAN philosophy.

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At KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics, we have put together a team of specialists in GREEN LOGISTICS that work in close collaboration with our LEAN experts, primarily to invest in a sustainable business model through efficiency but furthermore to make the logistics of our customers green.

To do so, we have used various technological capabilities that help us achieve more efficient operations thus reducing GEI emissions.
Our major initiatives have been so far: the acquisition of electric machinery for our logistic centers, replacing conventional with LED lighting and installing solar thermal panels and the implementation of GREEN LOGISTICS model solutions. To monitor the results we have followed the requisites established by the GHG protocol: we have undertaken a climate change plan along with the verification of the carbon footprint (by an organization accredited by the ENAC). These are just a few examples of a challenging new logistics that lie ahead of us.


Sustainability indicators

A well-informed emission reduction strategy is key to us and our customers, and that’s why quantifying the environmental impact of logistics has been a major concern for all. Today, there is indeed a great need for sustainable indicators that monitor and measure the overall progress of GREEN LOGISTICS toward sustainable development. At KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics, we have reviewed the major international sustainability indicators (carbon footprint, water footprint, acidification, eutrophication, cumulative energy demand, etc.), and we believe they do not cover enough features to be considered as measures of sustainability.

Accordingly, we have opened a line of research inside GREEN LOGISTICS that encompass the identification of a logistic sustainability indicator. We have started measuring the carbon footprint of our projects and we are now designing a sustainability indicator that weights the economic costs against the environmental impact of our operations.

KARBON TRACK is a web based application designed to calculate the Carbon Footprint of any logistic project and report it, according to the GHG Protocol methodology standard.

For more information on how to purchase this product or request for a tender, please contact us.

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Certificates & accreditations

In KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics, we developed and implemented an Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Safety and Health at Work, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001.

Our policy of quality, environment, safety and health.

Our policy of research and development.

We are certified Authorised Economic Operators (AEO) for customs operations, providing our customers an essential element for security and agility in all that relates to the supply chain and customs controls.

In addition, we are representatives for the WWPC in Spain, and members of major industry associations at national and international level.

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