Corporate Social Responsibilty

Ever since its foundation, talking about Kaleido is talking about a project that is constantly in search for its integration within society. We have devoted many years to becoming a sustainable company, since we are aware of the impact that, as a company, we have on our surroundings, on the environment and, of course, on the people who are a part of Kaleido.

Being a part of Kaleido is being a part of an ever-changing story full of challenges that may often seem impossible to overcome from a human perspective. In this story, every individual person is important, which is the reason why we have implemented social policies regarding flexibility, work and life balance, non-discrimination, equality, ethics, professionalism, safety and health; and the reason why we promote knowledge and cultivate the talent of our teams made up of over 200 people.

Kaleido fosters open, positive relationships with all its stakeholders. We constantly take part in initiatives held in the communities where we operate, through trainings, donations, social support and sports sponsorships, based on the value these have for the community, as well as on the consistency with our corporate values ​​and the sustainability principles. Thus, we increase the number of shares and the level of participation of all our employees every year.