KALEIDO is aware that lean manufacturing relies now more tan ever on a well-oiled supply chain management and logistics system. At the same time, the challenges posed by globalization and economic expansion have clearly affected the supply chain outsourcing; proliferation of sub-assemblies and vehicles and production shifting. In KALEIDO, we understand the complex economic geography of the automotive sector. Proof of this is that the Lean philosophy is incorporated as one of the pillars that support the company’s corporate identity.
In KALEIDO, we take pride on the long history working hand-in-hand with our customers: designing integrated logistics solutions that deliver rich functionality, and implementing productivity-building tools that keep your quick delivery cycles operating smoothly.
By combining land, rail, ocean and air transportation we ensure a steady supply of parts. Our experienced team gets the goods through customs promptly and efficiently.
Besides transportation, customs clearance and warehousing, KALEIDO adds value to the logistics supply chain (quality inspections, reworks, etc…) complying with each client quality standards.