The latest editions have been dedicated to the natural stone, due to the detailed knowledge and strategic importance to Vasco Gallega. The current offices of the entire Group in Spain, Portugal, Angola, Brazil, India and China are the vivid reflection of how the expansion of the business combines with the globalization of the natural stone.

This report attempts to transmit the knowledge developed about the world of the Granite, Marble and Slate with the purpose of providing an objective tool on the import and export flows of the natural stone worldwide. As main conclusions, highlights the good health of the traffic of natural stone in the world, as well as the Spanish improvements within the international framework despite the negative impact of the building sector in Spain. These annual reports are, together with training in logistics to potential customers, part of a unit of knowledge and technology which Vasco Gallega is developing from five years ago in different R+D projects focused on cargo logistics to reduce costs, claims and increasing value.