In 1976 KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics, was born as a shipping agent linked to the granite industry at the port of Vigo. Specialized in providing integral logistic solutions, the company evolves into other port and logistic activities, becoming a leader among integral logistic service providers in the sector.

As it is, KALEIDO people is proud of its long tradition working with companies of the natural stone sector and is committed to making further. KALEIDO has built its reputation over a bolt development, helping its customers grow, anticipating the needs of an industry where internationalization has been key to the future. China, Brazil,  India or Angola have been the main countries in which KALEIDO has expanded its structure in order to facilitate the logistics of their most loyal customers, providing immediate business opportunities and medium-term stable positioning.

The particularities of the sector and the bet of KALEIDO for the natural stone have driven various innovation and technological development projects that ensure the competitiveness of the granite production companiesBLOCK LASHER®, a pioneer lashing system for granite blocks in container, has been the first project developed by and for the sector. A project that has followed the evolution of a dynamic industry, evidence of the KALEIDO adaptability to the needs of its customers. 
Release date: 26 November 2013