The FMCG sector has gotten stronger thanks to globalization, the sourcing of goods from around the world and the management of complex integral logistics models. They deal constantly with product evolutions, shorter product lifecycles, stock depreciations and demand fluctuations. Recognizing these challenges, in KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics we design highly competitive supply chain solutions.

KALEIDO transports on a door to door basis, through an international air, land and sea network of agents, thus assuring quality and time-sensitive deliveries. Parallel to the access to fleet and resources, the handling of port and warehouse operations enable us to freight forward uninterrupted high volume flows. Additionally, the setting of intermediate transshipment hubs –port and inland- helps ensure efficient and reliable deliveries. KALEIDO manages inbound suppliers: from maritime container and airfreight shipments to retailers of all sizes, from the high tech retailers to furniture brands, fashion players, and food and beverage distributors.

KALEIDO has a comprehensive experience of customs services. Their bonded and fiscal bonded warehouses do not only offer space for storage but also for added value services (cleaning, repackaging, quality inspections, reworks, etc.), helping optimizing VAT, taxes, duties and other payments.