Compromised with Innovation

Our way of conducting R&D has been pivoting since 2008, starting as a department concept and turning into the core business of our activity and the DNA of KALEIDO’s team. This is the only way to identify and develop talent, ideas and the best solutions in a dynamic and efficient way.

Innovation based on the concept of Open Innovation, focused on the client and looking for a new way of getting things done.

A strategy that permits identifying the best technologies around the world, transferring our more than 40-year old logistic experience into them and implementing them in the real market to make the most of every single logistic project that we undertake.

All innovative initiatives are under the scope of KALEIDO TECH, a business unit born with the aim to bring the best technology to our clients.



The first accelerator for logistic start-ups with a global and unique approach.

Logistics Tech Accelerator is the first start-up accelerator program within the logistic sector with a global approach. It is a program boosted by Kaleido, capable of connecting important companies of the logistic sector with the best and most disruptive start-ups of the entire world. Its main objective is to promote industrial innovation in the sector within an open-innovation ecosystem in which solutions will be tested through real pilots by different corporate collaborators and important mentors of the international logistics industry.

Fishing Accelerator

Fishing Accelerator is here to revolutionize the fisheries sector. Its purpose is to find quick, efficient and innovative solutions to the problems of the fisheries sector via an unprecedented formula: collaboration. Our corporate partners and the start-ups chosen agree to carry out a joint pilot to test the technology. These tests prove if the solution is viable or not. The agreement reached by the parties is private, as well as the collaboration possibilities opened in case of a successful project.


Tailored Solutions

We develop one-of-a-kind projects, as the specific characteristics and needs make us tackle each work as a challenge. Challenges that open new ways to face each transport with a tireless, dynamic and proactive attitude. Our constant movement and looking-forward approach help us provide you with the best customized solutions.