The first orders of the MAGNET FOAM confirm the success of the KALEIDO R&D investment for the development of innovative systems that generate added value to customers. Leading companies in the wind energy sector have chosen the MAGNET FOAM as the most innovative and effective system on the market to ensure the transport of their products.

“The confidence that certain companies are placing on the R&D of KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics encourages us to continue investing in more practical and real technological innovation. Anticipating the needs of our customers and creating value-added logistics drive our efforts in R&D”, says Nicolás Troncoso, R&D Director in KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics.

Quality and Safety

The MAGNET FOAM protects the shock between the wind sections caused by the little space left between them during the stevedoring operations. The operation is simple: a foam sheet of HDPE is fixed to the wind sections thanks to a magnet housed inside, serving as a “cushion” between them.

The process is characterized by the speed and ease of use, since the position of the element is controlled by the magnetic attachment.  Besides being reusable, the MAGNET FOAM allows safer stowage and greater precision in the placement of wind sections.