KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics settles in South Africa through the opening of its own infrastructure. With the launch of this new office, KALEIDO operates now 34 offices all around the world, Spain (10), Portugal (3), Angola (5), Brazil (2), China (3) and India (11). It reflects its firm globalization commitment to grow alongside its clients, in particular in key regions, within the framework of its strategic plan. In addition, it represents an investment of more than EUR 600,000, with the incorporation of initially five members to the team.
After more than 15 years managing the logistics of natural stone and forest products' export trades from South Africa, mainly to southern Europe and China, in recent years the company has secured major contracts related with the import of industrial projects in the country, such as those related to energy, and particularly during last year, to wind and solar power.
“The importance of the southern Africa region for KALEIDO, appoints South Africa as a strategic place to develop our business. Our new local structure shall attend not only the domestic market; but also Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and the rest of the sub-Saharan countries as well, where we may highlight past projects managed in Ethiopia, Ghana and Kenya,” says Xoán Martínez Reboredo, CEO of KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics.
The combination of the different trade flows allows us to offer a local integral logistics solution (including in-country transport), hence optimizing the costs of transport and operations. At the same time, several R+D technology transfer contracts are currently under negotiation.