Last Friday, the 12th of June, the global logistic operator KALEIDO Ideas & Logistics and the Angolan National Private Investments’ Agency (ANIP), subjected to the Government of the Republic of Angola, signed a contract whereby KALEIDO is committed to invest $ 1.2 million at a logistics base in the South of the African country in the next twelve months.
The signing carried out in Luanda between the Honorable Luis Domingos, competent Administrator of the ANIP in representation of the Government of Angola and Mr. Xoán Martínez Reboredo, Chief Executive Officer of KALEIDO Ideas & Logistics, will enable a strong investment in trucks, forklifts and other machinery related to the handling and transport of goods, as well as the development of logistic bases in order to make more efficient the main freight transport of the provinces of Cuando, Cubango, Cunene, Namibe and specially Huila, in addition to the services offered in Luanda and the main ports of the country.
This new commitment of KALEIDO adds to the direct presence that the company has in Angola since 2005. Up to the date, KALEIDO not only manages maritime transport in container, in conventional and air; but also land domestic transport between Angola, Namibia and South Africa.
Angola stands out for its strong imports of food products, materials of construction, vehicles, machinery and projects among other items, and its heavy dependence on export focused on petroleum and mining resources.
The region of Southern Africa is living a strong development for years, being one of the strategic areas for KALEIDO endorsed with the most recent opening of its newest office in Cape Town, South Africa.