The ROBLE project (multi-robot control architecture for scalable and flexible logistics applications -ITC-20151214), works in the development of automated logistics systems, highly flexible and scalable, that combine the integration of commercial robotic platforms with the use of a multi-robot and multi-user control architecture, navigation based on natural markings, routing and tasks planning systems, 3D vision and robot-robot cooperation.

ROBLE proposes the implementation of an integral solution for the creation of robotic logistic applications based on the development of a multi-robot and multi-user architecture integrated with the management system, focused on two high impact applications:

– Flexible storage (Warehousing).
– Intralogistics of the production plants (intralogistics).

The project is developed by a consortium of companies that covers the entire value chain and brings the necessary knowledge to achieve the proposed objectives. The aforementioned consortium is made up by GALMAN, IMATIA, VGSC, DGH, KSCM and FAURECIA.

This project has been supported by CDTI (Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology), the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the European Regional Development Fund, within the Technological Fund Operational Programme 2014-2020

Galicia, July 2015 – December 2017