Logistics report presentation

The logistic sector should focus on R&D in order to offer solutions that are able to create sustainable logistics.To talk about sustainable logistics or Green logistics, we should have tools to compare traditional logistics and a Green alternative. This can only be achieved by establishing a logistic sustainability rate that allows the customer to evaluate, compare and choose between different logistic options.

Future trends in sustainable logistics are inevitably related to collaborative environments (The Physical Internet), the revision of existing production and distribution systems, and the creation of a sustainability rate in logistics.

As part of this meeting was presented the KARBON TRACK tool, a pioneering system of measuring GHG emissions (Greenhouse gases) associated to logistics projects. KARBON TRACK brings added-value to the companies, allowing them to measure the carbon footprint of their logistics process and incorporate it into the overall footprint of their product. The benefit to business practices is real and practical, always looking to reduce costs through logistics efficiency of its customers. With this initiative, KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics positions itself among the major international logistics operators.
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