Mining, energy and infrastructure projects in Latin America have been the beneficiaries of many of the Chinese loans and investments, which – despite the upcoming changes in the global economy – is expected to continue binding together these two superpowers. Today, China is the third largest foreign investor in Latin America, after the U.S. and the European Union. This is one of the realities analyzed at Breakbulk Europe, held in Antwerp from 12 to 15 last May.

KALEIDO prospects after passing through the fair, where interesting meetings were held with various industry professionals, are very favorable for consolidating its project cargo traffic between the continents in which it operates.

 Forums such as Breakbulk allow us to detect the needs of the customers and the trends of the shipowners to adapt to the demands of an increasingly competitive market. They also provide a platform for exchange of ideas and knowledge that promote planning for new strategies. In this edition we have established interesting contacts we expect to materialize in the coming months and continue to reinforce our commitment of project cargo traffics”, says Xosé Martínez Reboredo, commercial director of KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics.

The port of Vigo was one of four Spanish participants in the Breakbulk. The port Authority took advantage of the trip to promote the infrastructure of the port of Vigo and had a stand for the companies operating in the city terminal, and among them KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics.

This year's edition of Breakbulk Europe has increased its stake by 18% to more than 6,500 professionals who have visited the fair. Breakbulk Europe has the largest concentration of companies involved in the transport of heavy load and is a reference forum to help enhance skills and strategies and to gain efficiency in operations.