One other key to success of KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics is its ability to rely on a team of professionals who have a thorough knowledge of modern logistics. KALEIDO remains a single unit that operates from the 4 cardinal points, generating synergies between organizations and answering to the needs of foreign trade of an increasingly demanding market.
KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics is a group in constant movement where making a real difference has become the company’s day-to-day activity. The best professionals in each specialty put to test their knowledge and experience in the search for innovative logistics solutions to make KALEIDO a first-rate actor.
The organization of the team promotes the capabilities of each individual, channeling the professionals into their specialty within a multidisciplinary team. Moreover, KALEIDO maximizes the potential of each person and reinforces their training in order to develop the best competitive strategies of modern integral logistics. This commitment to people and the trust in the human factor allows turning promises into reality.

Release date: 19 December 2013