The new corporate identity is made of a language that projects our value proposal in a shocking and differential way. It is a visual expression that easily translates the ability to explore different points of view. A different look, more imaginative and creative …That is KALEIDO.

A fresh and honest language, with a chromatics that conveys closeness and friendliness, immersed in a context of adaptation.

Hearing more, sharing more and giving more. Because listening means taking the place of others. Because by sharing concerns we end up working with proximity and flexibility. Because we know that, by giving more than is expected, we can all go further, faster and better.

Knowledge guides us. Experience teaches us. Effort makes us stronger. These three pillars determine our future, robust and sustainable. A future built through the work, motivation and talent of a team committed to a common spirit and a common vision.

So we are in KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics.