Among the three existing types of certificates, Vasco Gallega has worked on the basis of the Simplifications and Safety 1 (AEOF), which includes the requirements of the other two: Customs Simplification (AEOC) and Safety and Security (AEOS); obtaining in this case, the broadest and the most demanding one. This certification, granted by customs administration after passing an organization audit, is voluntary and involves guarantees, better service and greater efficiency and safety. This certificate means that Vasco Gallega and its procedures have performed some of these requirements:

– Satisfactory record of compliance with Customs and tax legislation and rules of public order, and others whose implementation is the responsibility of the ANA
– System and appropriate administrative procedures
– Healthy financial status
– Implement appropriate security levels in operations centers

Being AEO involves among other advantages, a significant reduction in physical customs controls and clerical documents, priority even ordering them, ability to choose the place of inspection, better relationship with customs and above all the most important, the recognition that Vasco Gallega is a reliable partner in the supply chain.